Week in Review


We have been busy learning all about Pesach. We learnt the difference about matzah and chometz. We discussed how important it is to be flat like a matzah and not boastful like leaven bread.

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Discussing the difference between Matzah and bread.

We also learnt about searching the house for chometz. Here’s what you need to do the search. Look at the picture. We drew what we needed for the search on our whiteboard.


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Drawing the 4 materials needed to search for the chometz.
We need a paper bag, a spoon, a feather, and a candle.

Student at the JOS speaks

Ever wondered what it’s like to go to school on a computer.  This week we bring to you an interview with Tzipporah, a girl who is learning through the computer.

Here’s what Tzipporah has to say:

Hi, my name is Tzipporah, I go to school at home. Ya, I am home schooled. My parents teach me all the subjects I need to know. I also go to the Jewish Online School, I’ve been there for 2 years and I’m in the oldest class!

I enjoy the JOS. I don’t have to leave my house everyday and I don’t have to run to make the school bus. The JOS is like any other school, it might not have a physical building, but when I’m logged in my classroom, I have a whiteboard, I have questions to answers, and I even have a button to press when I want to raise my hand! I have other classmates, I get homework. I can make friends with my other classmates, this year my good friend is Malka. Jewish Online

The best part of the JOS is the teachers, they are so excited when I get things right and they are so patient when I don’t understand and have questions on what we are learning.


Week in Review

Here at the JOS we are busy bringing hands on into our lessons. This week Level 3, while learning about the Torah portion, did an experiment. They learned that the Torah takes very seriously talking bad about another. Morah Shternie told all the students to squeeze toothpaste out of a the tube and then try to put it back in. It was impossible. The class then discussed that the same idea is with words, once spoken, it’s impossible to take them back. We are going to be very careful with our words.Jewish Online

Level 4 just completed another perek (chapter) in Chumash, Parshat Vayaitzai. We  are so proud and wish them much success as they continue to learn the Chumash.

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Breaking up the word into it’s shoresh, prefix, and suffix.

Have a good Shabbos!

Give a shout out for PESACH!!

Here at the JOS we are busy learning all about Pesach. Students will be receiving their very own Haggaddah’s through the mail! Some parents have let u know that they received it. This is the haggadah’s the students will use during the Pesach Seder. It’s so exciting to have own Hagaddah to use. Here at the JOS we feel it’s important to get the children excited about the Holiday. It’s important to learn, yet it’s equally important to get excited. Some classes are having a Mah Nishtana contest, and asking the students to memorize the 4 questions! Get your brains ready, this is not a simple contest, yet we know you can do it! Jewish Online