End of the Year

Dearest Parents,

As we near the end of the year and complete another school year, we come to thank you for giving us the privilege to partner with you in educating your child. Thank you for that trust.

                                       We look forward to seeing you again next school year!                                            Wishing you a happy and healthy summer,


We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments.                                                             Below are some snapshots of the last few weeks of school.



Reviewing the Navi Yehoshua, while writing up a newspaper article.


Drawing the content of the last 2 Pesukim (sentences) in the Perek (chapter) of Parshat Vayaitzai

Drawing the content of the last 2 Pesukim (sentences) in the Perek (chapter) of Parshat Vayaitzai.


Reviewing the translation of the Hebrew words in the Pasuk (sentence).

Reviewing the translation of the Hebrew words in the Pasuk (sentence).


Learning about the Holiday of Shavuot and decorating Mount Sinai.

Learning about the Holiday of Shavuot and decorating Mount Sinai.



3 Parenting Tips


Parenting tips


Yesterday, was one of those days. 2 kids woke up on the wrong side and were just so irritable, and to make matters worse, the friend that my kids were supposed to have a play date with canceled.

What was I going to do? Well, I must tell you that I just barely managed, but I got through the day and learnt quite a thing or two about our relationship with our kids.  And that is what I would like to share with you, today.

Greet your children with a smile. I know it sounds so obvious, yet when you don’t, your child will notice and will have an easier time getting into a bad mood or tantrum. Children are mirrors, they reflect what we do,  so we better be our best!

Children love to explore, out of sheer exasperation, I took a bucket and filled it with soil, and then let the children play. The kids brought plastic bugs from our insect kit,  they brought cups and spoons, and before I knew what was happening, we had a whole science lesson on insects and their habitats! Children remind us of the joy of living. Next time you need to keep your kids busy, consider taking out soil, or putting water in a bucket with ice and let them explore the properties of ice, a guaranteed success, I tell ya!

Books, we all have them and use them. Yet, what happens with the child that doesn’t want to listen to a story, they just need to move? Here is what I have discovered. After reading a book three or more times, the child knows the storyline. Why not have the child act out different pages of the story? Tried this, just the other day and boy was I surprised to see that our son loved it. He actually sat through story as he was so excited for the page that he was going to act out!

Sometimes it takes a seemingly terrible day to remember the important things in our relationship with our children. I thank G-d for giving me that day yesterday.







Online School

Online School

3 Things About online school parents Want to Know

When hearing the words online school, you might conjure up an image of a child hunched over the computer, silent, with no social interaction. Yet, now, with all the technology out there, online school’s have become a choice for those families who wish to use it’s services.

Online school’s now have teachers who can interact one on one, there are other students to team up together on a project. There is a whiteboard for  teachers to out up assignments or students can upload their projects on the whiteboard for all to see.

The wonderful aspect of Online Schools is that they are not limited, the online resources are endless, teachers who work for online school’s can tell you what creative resources they have used or created. The possibilities are endless, creativity flows, students unleash their imagination as they create a classroom atmosphere online.

Children who have a hard time focusing or sitting for a while, love the computer as it is a whole new concept for them. On a computer there is color, pictures to focus on. The    whiteboard  and games are there to keep the children enthralled and practice working. Most children don’t even realize that class has finished!

Learning becomes an enjoyable time to discover millions of different concepts. Children using a computer, feel comfortable, they are in their house, in their comfort zone. Children are not as embarrassed to read or guess an answer for they are in their home, in a familiar setting.

As we have seen in the past few years, the online school options have continuously    increased. There are many benefits, be it because of the comfort of your surroundings, more visual learning centered, or the interaction that a student has with a teacher one on one. So next time someone considers trying out an online school, don’t give such a shocked look. It might be the very best thing for their child to succeed.







Today the JOS classes have been busy learning all about Shavuot, the day that celebrates the giving of the Torah.

We have discussed the  Aseret Hadibrot, the ten commandments. We discussed the importance of Har Sinai, and the lesson we can learn, to be humble and not boastful.

Hebrew Online School

Discussing the fifth commandment, honor and respecting our parents.

As there are 3 weeks left to the end of school year, we are busy finishing our Chumash exercises as we get ready to move on to the next level! How exciting some classes have started learning Rashi on their own! What an accomplishment!

Jewish Online School

Answering questions based on our understanding of Rashi

Level 4 has just learnt about the 12 sons of Yakov. Below they display the puppets they have created as Yakov’s sons.

Jewish Online School

Holding up the puppets for the class to see

Shabbat Shalom!